Frequently Asked Questions

What separates me from other drone service providers?

Drones are my passion. I am a fully certified commercial drone pilot who operates under the FAA sUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems) Part 107 rule. I have over 7 years of drone flying experience, including over 2 years of complex FPV (first person view) drone flight experience. Additionally, I have access to an extensive assortment of advanced drone and imaging equipment that is capable of producing professional grade photo, video, and audio work. Lastly, I do all of my own photo/video/audio editing to ensure that my creative vision is artistically expressed through my work.

What are the benefits of drone photo/video?

High-quality aerial footage captured with a drone can help your location stand out and offers unique perspectives that your viewers will truly enjoy. In addition to maximizing audience engagement, drone videography and photography also serve as effective means of property documentation for insurance purposes.

What types of drone services are available?

I offer a wide variety of drone services to meet whatever photo or video needs you may have. My most popular services include high-resolution aerial photography, high-resolution stabilized aerial videography, and interior and exterior FPV (first person view) drone videography that provides highly engaging video footage that can cover large distances in a short period of time to maximize viewer engagement with video content.

What is an FPV drone? What type of video can it produce?

FPV stands for first-person view. With FPV drones, a remote pilot controls the craft through the perspective of the drone via an onboard camera and head-mounted FPV goggles. FPV drones provide a far more immersive flying experience that blends complex maneuvers with smooth, cinematic flow that results in video that easily captures viewer attention. Unlike traditional drones, FPV drones can be used in both exterior and interior environments to produce amazing results.

What additional services do I offer?

In addition to drone video and photo services, I also offer professional photography and videography through the use of a full-frame mirrorless camera and motorized gimbal combination. Sometimes this setup allows me to better showcase certain spaces, especially if physical space is limited or a client is interested in incorporating more variety or detailed focus to a video project.

Do I offer custom services? Is there a discount for bundling?

Yes! Any combination of services (photo/video/cinematic/FPV/hand-held/audio/etc) can be used to match your vision. Exact pricing will vary from project to project, but I am happy to offer a discount when multiple services are bundled together!

What kind of equipment is used?

Click here to navigate to my gear page. I utilize the latest, high-end drone and imaging equipment for my services. I use the DJI Mavic 3 drone for aerial photo and video. This drone is equipped with a high-resolution dual-camera system that produces incredibly clear photo and video. With a 20MP imaging sensor, up to 5K high frame rate video recording, and 28x telephoto zoom capabilities, the DJI Mavic 3 is perfect for creating breathtaking photos and videos that will make your location look incredible.

As for FPV (first person view) drones, I use several custom models that are equipped with action cameras such as the GoPro Hero 9 and the DJI Action 2. These cameras are light enough to be carried by drones and capable enough to capture high-resolution, stabilized video footage that never fails to impress.

What is the average duration of an edited drone video?

You can expect a typical edited drone video to run approximately 2-3 minutes in length. Video duration can be adjusted if necessary to meet your specific needs.

Is photo/video editing included?

Yes! All of my pricing includes professional image/video capture, editing, and digital delivery. PA sales tax is also included in all pricing.

What is the typical process for arranging a drone photo/video shoot?

Contacting me with a little background info on what you are looking for is the first step! Next, I will do my best to reply to you within 24 hours and we will communicate through email or the platform of your choice to discuss options, pricing, scheduling, etc. Basically, I just want to answer any questions you have and help you determine which service(s) will be the best fit for what you have in mind for your specific location. For FPV projects (first person view) and some custom video projects, a preliminary, on-site meeting will be necessary to plan the flight route and give me an idea of the exterior and/or interior environment(s) that I will be navigating.

How much does each drone service option typically cost?

Exact pricing is determined on a per-project basis. Please request a quote and I will be happy to provide an estimate.

Do I charge for travel?

I do not charge for travel unless the distance to a job site exceeds 20 miles (one way). Travel pricing is calculated by total mileage and time. Specific terms concerning travel pricing are handled on a per-project basis.

What is my service range?

I am based out of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I am able to service all surrounding areas and would be willing to travel longer distances. Specific travel terms and pricing are made on a per-project basis.

Are the drones safe?

Yes! Every drone I use must pass a thorough pre-flight safety inspection before operation. My larger drones are equipped with advanced obstacle-avoidance sensors. Any drones used for interior flights are much smaller in size and feature enclosed propellers for added safety. All of my drone operations adhere to current FAA regulations.

How is the final photo/video delivered? How long does it take?

Download links for edited images and videos are typically delivered digitally through email and use JPEG and MP4 file formats. Alternate file formats and physical delivery via USB drive can be available upon request. The exact turnaround time for photo or video work will vary from project to project, but most photo and standard aerial video projects will take approximately 1-2 weeks, while FPV and custom video projects can take approximately 2-6 weeks.

Am I insured?

Yes! I operate with a $1M general liability insurance policy.